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Nairobi Eats - My Top 10 Eats of 2017

2017 Top 10 Eats

2017 was a grand year for me especially when it comes to pursuing passions. In my quest to pursue my passions, I launched this blog which was one of the best decisions I made last year. The process has been very challenging but I’ve never felt more fulfilled and happy doing something. Food is literally BAE for me; it brings me joy, comforts me when i’m sad and excites me more than most things! Because of the blog, 2017 was the year I ate out more than I ever have before, and i got to experience both the good and bad in food. Below is a list summing up my top 10 dishes of 2017, from restaurants across Nairobi.

 Sushi Bowl –  Talisman (320 Ngong Road)

This sushi bowl unexpectedly blew my mind!  The bowl consists of salmon, tuna, prawns, rice, avocado, pickles and relish that came together brilliantly. There are so many different elements to this dish yet all the flavours meshed together seamlessly. This dish is a masterpiece and is a great example of the artistry involved in cooking.

Baked Deilo – Kilimanjaro Restaurant (Moi Avenue)

The baked goat was ridiculously tender and literally fell off the bone. The meat wasn’t too gamey tasting and was cooked perfectly. Kilimanjaro is my go to place in town because its friendly on the pocket and the food portions very generous.

Sticky Toffee Pudding –  Ranch House Bistro (South Lake Rd, Naivasha)

Im not a dessert person but my cousin convinced me to order this sticky toffee pudding, and I’m so glad I did! The pudding is rich and leaves your insides warm. The cake was perfectly sweet and when topped with cream; it was heavenly.

Beef Noodle Soup – Silk Noodles (Remax Village, Argwings Kodhek Rd)

This spot is definitely my greatest find this year. The beef noodles here are hand pulled and watching the chef transform a ball of dough to long strips of noodles was a spectacle. The noodle soup is pure in flavour with the broth being rich in beefy goodness, and the noodles having the right amount of chew. This is perfect to have over cold weather.

Stone Steak –  Dari (Ngong Rd, Karen)

I rarely order steak but the stone steak at Dari is an exception. The concept of the stone steak is you get to cook your steak on a hot stone while seated at your table. I love the steak because its thinly cut, you get to cook it to your liking and you eat it piping hot. This concept eliminates the errors you get when ordering steak from a kitchen i.e. overdone or underdone meat. I’ve had this many times and it’s never disappointed.

Chicken Biriyani – Noma Café (Banda Street)

A friend once ordered this chicken biriyani for lunch and I was hooked once i tasted it. The amazingness to this biriyani is in the sauce, which is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. The rice is cooked to perfection, the chicken a bit smoky and the sauce rounds everything together making it delicious.

Samosas – Karen Provisional Stores (Karen Shopping Centre)

Ive been having samosas at KPS way before 2017; I just want to spread the word of how awesome they are. For me a perfect samosa has a crunchy casing and a flavourful filling with a little heat. The vegetable and meat samosas in KPS embody this making them the best samosas in Nairobi for me. The samosas usually run out by lunchtime so be sure to catch them before then.

Sushi Platter – Prime Cuts (Village Market)

I was quite taken aback that I could have delicious sushi from a food court but more so that it came from Prime Cuts, a restaurant i never imagined to have sushi. That said, the sushi platter from prime cuts is amazing. The platter consists of more classic options such as tuna and salmon nigiri and rolls. Everything tasted so fresh and the flavours were so clean and subtle (no fishyness here!)

Lamb Gyros  – Gyros to go  (Valley Arcade)

I remember how heartbroken I was when the gyro spot Sugar and Spice located in Yaya closed. The gyros here were great and I was addicted. I was happy to discover Gyros to Go who serve appetizing gyros similar to my beloved Sugar and Spice.  The best bit about the gyros here are the toppings; when you go, tell them to add extra garlic sauce and sweet pickles which will make your gyro extra tasty.

Hot Pot – Chengdu Impression (Riverside Lane)

I love the variety of food and activity involved with eating hot pot, and Chengdu Impressions is a terrific place for hot pot in Nairobi. The variety of dishes and the sauce station are really impressive. You will love the place if you’re into chinese hot pot.

I hope you get a chance to try some of the dishes listed above.

Wishing you a 2018 filled with love and light.

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