Is KFC’S Legend Burger Legendary?

I am sure most people have seen the KFC Legend burger billboards sprawled across the city. I come face to face with the billboards around three times on my way home so it’s no surprise I found myself at KFC Junction getting myself one a few days ago. What sparked my interest is a Kanye quote plastered boldly across the billboards saying, “In my humble opinion its pure genius”. In my reasoning, if Kanye says a burger is pure genius then it must be tried.

I hardly ever go to KFC and if I’m eating anything there it’s their sticky wings, but the place generally never features anywhere on my foodie radar. This occasion was therefore an exception purely from Kanye’s endorsement which i later found out wasn’t Kanye West!

The legend Burger is accompanied with cheesy fries and a drink all for Kshs 750.

The fries tasted exactly the way cheesy fries would; far from cheesy but oddly likable.

The burger did not have any resemblance to the one pictured on their Ads which I expected. The food photography by fast food chains is always on point and maybe too much, because what you see and what you get never match.

The burger was made up of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a slab of deep fried chicken dipped in sticky sauce.

The vegetables were surprisingly fresh as the lettuce were crisp and the tomato juicy. I say surprising because vegetables at fast food joints often times tend to be limp so this was a pleasant surprise. The processed cheese tasted like NOTHING but it provided a nice pop of colour. Lastly, the bread held up well and i liked that it was slightly toasted.

The sticky sauce on the chicken was sweet and had a resemblance to barbecue sauce but made the chicken a bit mushy. I actually liked the addition of the sauce because it cut through the dryness of the breaded chicken well. However, if you like your chicken crisp then this is not for you.

To sum it up; is this burger legendary as the name suggests? NO!  There was nothing outstanding to make it legendary other than the add-on of the sticky sauce which was underwhelming.You pretty much can have the classic chicken burger and douse it with barbecue sauce and you would get the same result. My idea of a legendary burger would be excessively over the top or outstandingly good in its simplicity, and this burger did not deliver on either.  The burger is OK but when matched to the hype of the advertising it didn’t live up to the claims. I reckon if it was simply called the “sticky chicken burger” i would have liked it better because my expectations would have been lower.

Rating – 3.5/10

Location – KFC Junction



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