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AA Mithaiwalla Pangani - Nairobi Restaurants

AA Mithaiwalla

It recently dawned on me that I  live in a cocoon where i always go to the same Nairobi Restaurants and eat the same food, which has left me a bit uninspired when it comes to creating content . This feeling of monotony is largely due to my laziness but more so my dependency on the familiar, which needs to end because there are so many eateries out there i am yet to experience. The first restaurant that came to mind on my new quest of exploration was AA Mithaiwalla, which is located at Pangani Shopping Centre. Ive been coming to AA Mithaiwalla since i was a child mainly for their mutton biriyani and their sunday breakfast of mahamri and mbaazi. I recently rekindled my relationship with this old favourite and im so happy i did.

AA Mithaiwalla is a family run restaurant that’s casually laid out with a front that resembles a deli. The deli setting is filled with colourful hindu sweets and snacks like chevda that you can buy by the kilo. There is a simple sitting area by the side to dine in, but I get the feeling that the bulk of their business lies in catering and take away orders.

The food at AA Mithaiwalla is from the Bohra Muslim Community. Like any other cuisine, Indian food is very diverse and changes by region and ethnic groups. Bohra food is just another variation of Indian food; you’ll still find curries here only they taste slightly different from what you get at Haandi or Anghiti.

The menu has a huge variety of snacks to choose from like kebabs, samosas and bhajias as well as main dishes like curries and biriyani. Don’t expect frills to the food here like fancy plating; what comes to the table is usually a generous amount of tasty food that will leave you happy.

Food Overview

Chicken Biriyani

Over the past couple of weeks ive had my fair share of Biriyani for a special briyani post coming up next week. Without revealing too much, the Biriyani here is the kind I like

Mutton Masala

This dish was just right! The flavours came together wonderfully and the meat was insanely tender.I find it hard describing mutton its like goat but more tender and less gamey – I wonder why its not as popular as goat because i find it better tasting.

Poussin Chicken & Chips

The poussin sauce was the highlight. The sauce had the right amount of heat and was more on the buttery side than others ive had. Coated on the chicken and chips this was delicious.

Chicken Curry

The consistency of the curry sauce was very light unlike any curry ive come across, but this is not to say that it was devoid of flavour because it was extremely flavorful. I really enjoyed this.


Samosas – They are close to perfect. Their greatness lies in the crispy casing

Mutton Cutlet – My favourite of all the snacks. The textures of this cutlet work very well together with flavourful moist meat on the inside and a crunchy exterior.

Chevda – The chevda here is so fresh and tastes amazing. Its also very well priced at 250 for 1/2 a kilo.

If you want to have good Indian food that’s friendly on the pocket AA Mithaiwalla is definitely a great choice. There is a wide variety of food to choose from, with many familiar favourites like biriyani and pilau as well as a great array of snacks that you can buy at good prices. This restaurant is proof that expanding your locale on where you eat reaps yummy pocket friendly rewards.

Location – Pangani Shopping Centre

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