Afternoon Tea at Lord Erroll

Afternoon tea is an occasion where tea is sipped and finger foods are eaten, just like you would over 4 o’clock tea, only this experience is amplified 100 times over from the mandazi and tea we are used to. There is a lot of flair surrounding afternoon tea where dressing up with an over the top fascinator and drinking tea with your pinkie finger raised would be acceptable. In my opinion, if you want to play posh this would be perfect.

My friend Shamis invited me for afternoon tea at Lord Errol. I have never been to the place and only heard stories of how posh it was, which it was, but in the most understated and elegant way. We sat by the verandah that overlooks a lovely garden with the most impressive lawn I’ve seen.

Pic by Tatiana Karanja for Lord Erroll

High tea at Lord Erroll is served daily from 3pm to 6pm for Kshs 1,500 per person. The service here was very warm especially from the assistant manager Charles, who went as far as telling us the history behind afternoon tea.

Classic tea options are offered such as camomile, peppermint and earl grey and you can have as much tea as you want. In addition to tea, you get one glass of prosecco which was perfect at the end of the meal.

There is a good variety of savoury and sweet finger foods in the form of sandwiches and pastries, which are placed on a three tier stand.


The sandwiches included avocado, egg, cheese and tomato, smoked salmon and beef. I really enjoyed the sandwiches with the beef and avocado being my favourite.

The pastries particularly the cakes and mini tarts were a disappointment. The marble and chocolate cakes were really dry bordering supermarket levels and the fruit tarts boring. The saving grace to the pastries were the scones which were perfect. They had the right amount of crumble and when topped with the clotted cream and jam; just heaven. I feel like majority of the pastries were an afterthought especially when you consider how good everything else was.


I couldn’t pick a better place to have Afternoon Tea, as Lord Erroll is steeped in history and elegance that befits the occasion. The finger foods and tea on offer are lovely with exception of the cakes and tarts that need improving. The chef is a young Kenyan man who upon meeting heightened my experience for the better, because I love it when restaurants are steered by local talent who do things right. I had a great time here and afternoon tea would be a great option for birthday celebrations or a nice afternoon day plan with the girls.


Rating – 7.5/10

Location – 89 Ruaka Road, Runda

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