Tasty Bhajias From Tea Room

In the heart of downtown Nairobi lies a gem of a place that surprisingly not many have heard of. Quality cafe is right by tea room, a place that’s abuzz with activity especially with commuters heading upcountry. One of the reasons this place is not as popular as it should be is primarily location. There is nothing leisurely about downtown CBD – you go conduct your business and you’re out immediately. Searching for bargains is usually what brings me to these parts and in the end I’m usually famished, but Quality café always provides me much needed relief.

The biggest attraction and probably the only reason people go to this café is for their Maru bhajias. You know those bhajias that are lightly battered with specks of dhania and when accompanied with a house made tomato sauce your taste buds glee with satisfaction … This is exactly what you will find here, and Ill boldly state that the bhajias here are the best in the CBD. Quality Bhajias are served on a plate slightly bigger than a saucer but its heaped making it a fair portion at Kshs 150. Always fresh and steaming hot, the bhajias here are delicious. You have to try them!

The café is simple so there is not much to its ambience with tables and chairs tightly packed in a fairly small room. You will often find yourself sharing tables with strangers as the place is always busy. Service here is far from friendly but all the same efficient with servers attending to you immediately you sit down.

This café has to have the smallest menu I’ve come across in awhile which is a reflection of the confidence they have in their product. The place does not have to try hard or have a variety of menu items to cater to different tastes because their bhajias are universally good. It’s therefore no surprise that the café has been in operation for years; my mum has fond memories of my grandfather always bringing bhajias from here in the 80’s whenever he came to the city.

To conclude, take time and head downtown and experience the amazingness that are these bhajias. It’s cheap and delicious – what more can you ask for!

Location – Junction of Accra and Munyu Road

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