Boho Eatery

Finding a place in Nairobi that is not Indian and has a decent selection of vegan items is not easy. Last weekend I had to choose a vegan friendly spot because i was in the company of one. I always feel a bit of pressure when people ask me to choose a place to eat, but this time I felt it even more because with exception of tin roof café I was clueless on where to go. It was therefore by divine intervention that I stumbled upon Boho Eatery when I made a wrong turn on the way to giraffe centre, and decided to make a gamble.

Boho Eatery like many small restaurants in Karen is nestled within a compound that houses various artsy businesses. It’s set up in what was once a home with both inside and outside sitting. Indoors, the restaurant is filled with natural light, potted plants, and wooden tables adorned with woven hyacinth mats that give the place a natural feel. The outside gardens comprise of a small lawn with the best bit being the swing chairs on the veranda which add a unique flair to the place. I loved the overall vibe and ambience of the place.

Boho Eatery

Boho Eatery

Service here is painfully slow! It took almost 30 minutes before a server came and took our order. We visited on a fairly busy day and it was obvious that the staff were overwhelmed – operating frantically across the restaurant floor. The service however improved as the place became less busy.

The restaurant has a concise and well curated menu. Most of the items on the menu are predominantly vegan/vegeterian but there is also a fair selection of options for meat eaters.

Below is an overview of the items we ordered.


Tostones are basically crispy plantains which were accompanied with guacamole and chilli sauce for dipping. The tostones were delicious; they were crunchy, sweet and went brilliantly with the guacamole. I found the chilli sauce way too salty and didn’t like it. This dish delivered in taste but the portion size was a disappointment.

Boho Eatery

Zucchini Zoodles

Spiralized zucchini that take the form of noodles, coated with a pesto sauce and accompanied with grilled halloumi. I surprisingly liked this dish! The zucchini had a nice bite and with the pesto sauce, it tasted more like pasta. The halloumi I found a bit misplaced and acted more of a filler but I’m not mad at it. Order this.

Boho Eatery - Zucchini Noodles

 Baked Sweet Potato

Basically a whole sweet potato topped with a few bits of chicken pieces and a creamy salad. This meal was extremely filling and I enjoyed it. The sweetness from the potato went well with the creamy salad, and the addition of pomegranate and almond flakes provided a unique dimension to the dish. There’s nothing much to it but all the components were well prepared and came together fine. (non meat option also available)

Boho Eatery - Baked Sweet Potato

Malaysian Laksa

This was a good tasting dish with little fault. The laksa was beautifully presented but I hated the fact that the waiter went ahead to pour the soup without even asking! (I was mad because I wanted to take pics). Everything tasted like it should but at 1400 I feel like it was overpriced for what it is. (non meat option also available)

Boho Eatery Laksa

Bliss Burger

The beef burger was the least favourite of all the meals we had. To start off the burger is priced at Kshs 1550, and for that price you’re naturally set up to expect something mind blowing. The burger is made up of shredded beef as well as cashewnuts which I found very odd.  This to me resembled more of a sandwich than a burger.  I feel like the elements that made up the burger did not gel well together and advice you give this a miss because it’s definitely not worth the money.The fries on the other hand were nicely done and crunchy.

Boho Eatery Burger

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake

This is the most beautiful dessert I have ever laid my eyes on! The cheesecake was beautifully presented with the purple coloured cake contrasting beautifully against the grey plate. Seeing that this was a vegan cheesecake it tasted completely different from normal cheesecakes but the textures were similar. The base of the cheesecake was made from nuts and seeds and other than blueberries, I can’t identify what the moose was made out of. Its different but delicious.

Boho Eatery - Blueberry Cheesecake

At Boho Eatery, it’s obvious that everything has been well thought out and you get the sense that a lot of effort is placed in every dish, this is especially evident in how beautifully the food is presented.

The food here is expensive and throughout my experience, I found myself questioning if the meals were worth the price and I’m 50/50 about it . The reason i question the foods worth is my being in the know of market prices; how do you justify paying 1100 for avocado toast or 1200 for 3 small black bean tacos? I know that this reasoning is wrong because a lot of effort goes behind preparing tasty plant based meals, but i still found the food overpriced.

For the most part the food here is good. This is definitely a haven for vegetarians and vegans as there is a good selection of tasty items for them to choose from. My biggest dispute with Boho Eatery is the pricing!  but if money is not an object this is a place worth visiting for wholesome food.

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