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Where To Have Chicken Biryani In Nairobi - A Foodies Collective

Where To Have Chicken Biryani In Nairobi

Where in Nairobi can i get a really good plate of chicken biryani? This is the question that led me on a journey to discover where the best biryani in Nairobi is found. I ate a tonne of biryani from all over, and some plates stood out more than others, but when it comes to where the best biryani is found, I couldn’t pin point one plate – scratch that, I just won’t tell you because claiming a place has the best biryani in this city is a bold move I’m not willing to make! Instead i’ll share a list of my top 5 places and others.

There are two different types of chicken biryani featured in this post – Indian and Swahili. Indian biryani is a one pot dish with layers of marinated meat and rice, while Swahili biryani is saucy with the rice and meat sauce cooked separately. No plate tasted the same with each restaurant having its own interpretation of the dish, which made this experience so interesting.

Top 5 Biryani Spots

Tamu Tamu (450) – Woodvale Grove, Westlands

This Biryani stood out the most as having a style of its own. The best part is the tomato based sauce that was the perfect balance of sweet, savoury and spicy. You have to have the biryani with the sweet chilli chutney which is to die for. I loved this to bits!

chicken biryani

Open House (1,180) – Crossroads Shopping Centre, Karen

This by far is the best looking biryani dish i came across! Everything about this dish is close to perfect, from the sweet crispy onions, the flavourful chicken and the perfectly cooked rice. Its heavenly.

Malindi Dishes (400) – Gaborone Road

I was pleasantly surprised by the Biryani here because I wasn’t expecting much from my previous experiences, but Malindi Dishes has really improved. The biryani sauce is rich and multi layered in flavour making it deep and tasty. I really enjoyed this plate.

chicken biryani

AA Mithaiwalla (650) – Pangani Shopping Centre

At first glance this biryani doesn’t look like there is much to it but the simplicity to this dish is what makes it shine. The rice is perfectly made, the chicken well flavoured and together they produce a fine plate.

chicken biryani

Pronto (500) – City House, Standard Street

Many people rave about the biryani at pronto and I see why. The chicken biryani has a spicy kick to it and tastes great!

Other Spots

Ismailia (800) – Vision Towers Muthithi Road

The biryani comes to the table in a small dish covered with dough cap. Once you break the cap the fragrant aromas of the rice and chicken hit you to reveal layered rice and chicken. Tate wise the briyani here and the one at open house are very similar but open house has a slight edge to this one. Nonetheless its still appetizing.

chicken biryani

Bin Agil (500) – Pangani Shopping Centre

The fact that a banana is accompanied with this biryani is an indication that this restaurant has true coastal vibes! The portion here is huge enough to feed two people. If you like tangy sauce you will enjoy this.

Uswazi Swahili Dishes (400) – South B

A decent plate of biryani. If you live in South B this is a good option for takeout.

chicken biryani

Al -Yusra (450) – Banda Street CBD

My only reservations with this dish is it’s not very biryani like. The sauce is very light resembling a stew but it’s still OK tasting.

chicken biryani Al Yusra

Kilimanjaro (480)  – Kimathi Street CBD

Kilimanjaro is a restaurant that constantly delivers. The serving is generous and the biryani solid.

Chicken Biryani - Kilimanjaro

Swahili Plate (600) – Muindi Mbingu Street CBD

The chicken biryani wasn’t horrible but i’ve had much better.

Chicken BiryaniI hope this list is helpful and you get the chance to explore some of this places for their chicken biryani.

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