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Affordable eats at Crave Kitchen - A Foodies Collective

Affordable eats at Crave Kitchen

Located smack in the middle of Kikuyu town, Crave Kitchen is a breath of fresh air providing a unique dining experience for the area’s residents.

On first impression, the facade of the place looks shabby with a dusty stone wall, but once you enter the restaurant you are welcomed to a bright dining area with wooden tables and an assortment of plants and art that surround the space. The aesthetic is very hipster-like; doing the most and the least at the same time.  Out back you will also find an outdoor sitting area that’s perfect for sunny days.

Crave Kitchen
Crave Kitchen - ambience

I and a group of friends almost ate through the entire menu which was possible because the food here is fairly priced – dare I say cheap! The average price of meals is Kshs 300 which is rare in this Uhuru economy, so we maxed on the opportunity and ordered a lot of food.

Crave Kitchen - Outdoor sitting

When you measure the food to the price it delivers beyond expectations. There are some faults to the food but you don’t pay too much mind because the food is very affordable, and the ambiance is great!

The daily menu is small but has a good variety of dishes that are all homely made with generous portions. Here is a rundown of the food we ordered

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings – 300

The wings are simply coated in flour then deep-fried. This wasn’t bad at all, and 4 wings with chips and salad for 300 is unheard of. Order this.

Crave Kitchen - Chicken Wings

Beef Burger – 400

The patty was way too salty and crumbled to become a sloppy joe. If it wasn’t for the over salty meat, this burger would have been decent.

Crave Kitchen - Beef Burger

Club Sandwich – 300

The sandwich was delicious with chicken, lettuce and tomatoes! The components that make up this dish are simple but they deliver on flavour. I especially liked how the bread was semi toasted and cut into smaller crustless triangle shapes.

Crave Kitchen - Club Sandwich

Chicken Choma – 450

This tasted exactly as you would expect choma chicken to taste. It was fair.

Crave Kitchen - Chicken Choma

Bone soup – 150

The mushroom soup was divine! It was rich, meaty and creamy with hints of rosemary. Accompanied with the house bread this soup warmed us up just right and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

Crave Kitchen - Bone Soup

Pork Ribs 1/2 kg – 400

The ribs were overcooked and very lean with hardly any meat on the bone. Give this a miss.

Crave Kitchen - Pork Ribs

Crispy Fried Chicken – 350

The chicken was well cooked but it was a bit flat. I recommend you order the chicken wings which are a better option.

Crave Kitchen - Fried Chicken

Chicken Pasta – 380

This dish is a testament that “utamu wa chakula ni mafuta” because the pasta was literally swimming in oil but it still tasted great! The pasta was more of a stir fry dish, flavoured with many hohos and onions.

Crave Kitchen - Chicken Pasta

Crave kitchen is a fantastic place to go for lunch over a weekend with friends. The place is chilled, affordable and generally has good vibes. Better yet, it’s owned and run by young Kenyan man who is passionate about food which is always a plus.


Follow Crave Kitchen on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/crave.kitchen.bakery/

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