Grill Shack Nairobi

There seems to be a growing number of international food chains setting shop in Nairobi which is something that baffles me considering this economy but I’m also not an economist – so there’s that! Grill Shack Nairobi is one of the newer establishments in town located at the Westgate Mall. The menu is predominantly meat based with steaks, burgers, and ribs taking centre stage.

Here is my take on their food…

Beef Short Ribs – Kshs 1,500

The meat was tender but really flat. It was under seasoned and plain boring but the barbecue sauce doused over it helped heaps. Give this a miss.

Grill Shack Nairobi Beef Ribs

Pork Ribs – Kshs 1,400

These pork ribs were amazing … They literally fell off the bone and dripped with a sweet vinegary barbecue sauce that was so good! Eating these ribs was messy but worth every bite. If there’s one thing you should get here it’s the ribs. Read this post (link) to see where else to get tasty ribs in Nairobi.

Grill Shack Nairobi Pork Ribs

T – Bone Steak – Kshs 2,500

At Kshs 2,500 this steak aint cheap! But when it came to flavour it delivered on all fronts and It was thoroughly enjoyed. If you have a loose 2,500 order this.

Grill Shack Nairobi T-bone Steak

Cheese Burger – Kshs 800

There’s nothing to write home about this burger. The patty was nicely browned with crispy edges which I loved but like the beef ribs, it was flat due to the lack of seasoning.  Manage your expectations with this burger because it’s just average.

Grill Shack Nairobi Burger

I have mixed reviews of this place but for the most part, Grill Shack Nairobi is alright. It’s one of those places that doesn’t disappoint off the back – it’s just OK.


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