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Hashmi - Indian Barbecue - A Foodies Collective

Hashmi – Indian Barbecue

The epitome of meat experiences in my opinion is in the form of barbecue where perfectly marinated meat roasted over an open fire always results to mouth watering moments. So when you hear about Indian Barbecue, I get super excited because we all know how flavour packed curries are – its therefore natural to assume that our Indian friends must throw down a punch when it comes to barbecue meat. This assumption is confirmed 100 percent at restaurants like Hashmi who specialize in Indian barbecue.

Located in Nakumatt Ukay, Hashmi is a no frills restaurant whose ambience leaves a lot to be desired. The restaurant floor is tightly packed with tables, and when seated inside windows are almost nonexistent which can leave one a little claustrophobic. This however does not deter people from the restaurant, as the place is ALWAYS busy especially with groups. Service here is very brush and impersonal but nonetheless efficient. On this day, we decide to order two things; Chooza chicken and mutton kebabs which were accompanied by salad and butter naan.

Chooza Chicken

The chicken an orangey red colour whose spices provide layers of flavor is hard to describe, but pinned down id say grab your wig off flavourful! You can order how chilly you want the meat to be; we ordered mild which was the perfect heat. The oven the meat is roasted in imparts a smoky flavor which to me is a major contributor to the amazingness that is this chicken. It comes as a full spring chicken which is smaller in size but perfect for roasting as it has softer meat. This is similar to tikka but the menu features both chooza chicken and chicken tikka so there must be a difference in taste that I personally can’t distinguish (someone school me). All the same this was delicious.

Mutton Kebabs

I’ve found the mutton Kebabs to be a bit polarizing with some people loving them and others being indifferent towards them.  The kebabs have a smooth texture with spices and dhania incorporated into the meat making them very flavourful. As the meat is char grilled it gives it a slight crunch on the outside which favourably adds on to the texture. I love these kebabs and highly recommend them.

Butter Naan

The butter naan was perfectly soft and fluffy. We ended up ordering two servings of this as it was really good.

Hashmi is just a SOLID place. Its one of those restaurants I would consider a safe option because you can always expect to get good food. The establishment has mastered its specialty in Indian Barbecue and is a fine example of an establishment with one focus and delivers well. With a meat centric menu, meat lovers will definitely be happy here with a good variety of meat dishes on offer. The food prices are reasonable and you definitely get good value for your money especially with groups.

PS: The tangerine juice here is super bomb! You must order this when you visit.

Rating : 8 out of 10

Location : Nakumatt Ukay Westlands


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