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Kibo Safari Camp - A Weekend Getaway to Amboseli - A Foodies Collective

Kibo Safari Camp – A Weekend Getaway to Amboseli

I’m at a point in my life where uncertainty surrounds me. I know what I want but the journey to achieving these things is pegged with unknowns. I’m constantly thinking what course my life will take, will things work out the way I envision or will they fail? These are thoughts that frequently run through my mind with the latter being the most frequent – thoughts of failure. To sum it up I’ve been in a funk and a weekend getaway to Amboseli could not have come at a better time.

My Trip to Amboseli was courtesy of Africa Vacation Safaris and we stayed at Kibo Safari Camp. The drive to Amboseli from Nairobi is approximately 6 hours long with majority of the road being smooth. This is no ordinary camp because what I experienced here was far beyond any “camping” experience I’ve had. It was luxurious.

There’s a term coined for a place like Kibo known as “glamping” which is camping on steroids! We stayed in tents that were spacious and clean with all the amenities you would expect at an average hotel room. With comfortable beds, hot showers and electricity, there’s nothing you will lack despite being deep in the bush.

Watch the Room Tour Video Below

Kibo Safari Camp has a lovely swimming pool which you’re guaranteed to enjoy because the sun in Amboseli is unforgiving. The place is favorably positioned to provide great views of Mount Kilimanjaro which was a sight to behold especially in the early morning. Service here is exceptional with all the staff being extremely kind and helpful.

Food is always an important aspect when it comes to my stay anywhere, and I generally enjoyed the food here. The buffet has a small but good selection of food. I especially loved the salad bar where you got to build your own salad as well as the meat dishes like the honey glazed pork and ossobuco. The dinning room where the buffet is served is a great airy space to have your meal.

Other than the amazing stay at the camp, we also had incredible game drive experiences at the park. We went for two game drives in the evening and early morning and they were fantastic. Amboseli is a beautiful park with varying scenery from savannah, marshlands and Mount Kilimanjaro which I didn’t expect to be so up close. The animals here especially elephants are in plenty and they are what awed me the most. We got to see elephants so near, and for the first time I got to understand the gentleness people talk about these mighty creatures. We also got to see a pride of lions which was exhilarating – Imagine seeing Simba in real life!

This is an experience I look back and realize how timely it was because it worked magic in picking my spirits up. Sometimes when you’re in a funk, all you need is a change of scenery that fills you with good vibes.

I highly recommend going to Amboseli and staying at Kibo Safari Camp because you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time.

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