Mouth Watering Kienyeji Chicken Wet Fry – Kaginas

I’ll cut straight to the chase and let you know that the Kienyeji Chicken Wet Fry from Kaginas is all types of amazing! Now that that’s out of the way, let me fill my quota of 500 words and give you a little more information.

I have twitter to thank for this discovery – the general consensus on the specific thread was how delicious the kienyeji chicken wet fry at Kaginas was, making this a place I had to visit.

kienyeji chicken wet fry

Kaginas is located in BuruBuru directly behind Tuskys at the shopping centre. The place is a casual neighbourhood joint where people come to watch football, have drinks and eat meat. There are only two food offerings here – Goat and chicken which can be prepared a number of ways to include fry, choma or tumbukiza.

Price – Full Chicken 1,260

Kienyeji chicken can be tough but the one found here is extremely tender and succulent. As it’s a wet fry, the bird is coated in a thick tomato sauce with a tonne of onions! What makes this dish so tasty are the fried onions which add so much goodness to the dish. The play of flavours of the sweet onions, tangy tomato and chilli is something extraordinary.

We had the chicken with Ugali and Mokimo which are perfect accompaniments! You have to order the mokimo which although oily, is worth it because it’s packed a punch with flavour.

A whole chicken was ordered and devoured between two people giving you an indication how good it is. I feel like a broken record going on about how tasty the chicken is but It’s all FACTS!

By coming here I came to the realization how important it is for us to embrace our local food because it can be amazing.


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