Kilimanjaro – Ridiculously Tender Goat Meat

You know when meat is so soft that foodies describe it as “melt in your mouth?” For me there was such a huge disconnect with this phrase, because I couldn’t comprehend meat being so tender to the point it literally melts in your mouth!  This phrase was however demystified not long ago, when I had a meat experience that I can finally describe as “melt in your mouth awesomeness”.

I had this experience in the most unlikely of places. I always imagined that such experiences are reserved for fancy restaurants that served well marbled beef with a perfect fat to meat ratio and costs an arm and a leg. But this was not the case as my experience was far from fancy, at a restaurant located in Nairobi’s CBD that serves delectable goat meat.

Kilimanjaro is a restaurant with two huge branches on Moi Avenue and Kimathi Street. The restaurant has an eclectic menu that includes Somali, Local and Continental cuisines. We visited the Moi Avenue branch which isn’t as nice as the Kimathi one, but is less busy. The atmosphere here is always lively and the service good.

What brought me here is the DEILO which is Somali style baked goat meat. The deilo meat is that of a young goat which had me feeling a type of way, but my feelings of guilt quickly vanished immediately I tasted it. The meat was soooooo soft (and yes all the “O” are necessary), it literally fell off the bone and maneuvered so easily around your mouth with little effort required to chew it. As much as the meat was tender, it was also really tasty with a subtle gamy flavour unlike normal goat meat.

The portion size was huge and the meal served on a platter, making it great for sharing. There are a variety of rice dishes to choose from to accompany the meat and we chose pilau which was OK. The dish also came with a salad and two sauces; a meat and tomato based broth which was a relief accompaniment to the dry rice. The sides were nothing to write home about so don’t mind them too much as you’re focus is solely on the meat, which more than compensates for their shortcomings.

I’d definitely recommend this place especially if you’re looking for a bite to eat in the CBD. The restaurant is a mammoth of an operation and is always busy, which isn’t surprising as they are reasonably priced, the food is fresh and they are centrally located. Go and try the baked deilo and let me know if you liked it as much as i did.

 You’re Undoubtedly getting value for your money with the affordable pricing.

Rating – 8.5 / 10

Location – Moi Avenue

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