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Manks Terrace Restaurant - A Gem in Industrial Area

Manks Terrace Restaurant – A Gem in Industrial Area

This restaurant closed down.

Up until recently, the best tikka I ever had was from Hashmi. No chicken meal came close to the tikka, nan and tangerine juice combo offered at Hashmi, which is why I was heartbroken when Nakumatt Ukay was demolished (I’ve since learned that Hashmi has a new branch in Diamond Plaza). Chicken tikka ranks up there as one of my favourite meals, and since Hashmi’s closure, I have explored the city’s tikka joints for a fix that’s up to par. Nothing compared to my beloved up until a random trip to Industrial area revealed one of the best restaurant discoveries I’ve made in a while.

Manks Terrace Restaurant is located along Dar-Es-Salaam road on the top floor of the building right next to Stanbic Bank. You wouldn’t think there is a restaurant here amongst the many rundown cars and bodas surrounding the entrance (don’t let this deter you!) The restaurant is a bit run down but it’s clean which is what matters most. What I especially love about the space are the views of the locale from the top floor.

Manks Terrace Restaurant
Manks Terrace Restaurant

Let’s jump right to the food which is Fantastic! Manks specializes in Indian cuisine with barbecue being their specialty.  Other than one dish every single item I had here was super tasty with the tikka, poussin wings and fish bhajias being highlights. Best of all the food here is affordable!

Food Highlights

Chicken Tikka – Kshs 700

The star dish that delivered on all fronts from flavour and tenderness – its pure perfection and has set the bar on what chicken tikka should be like. It doesn’t look pretty but its a must order.

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Chicken Tikka

Fish Bhajias  – Kshs 350

Fish bhajias are exactly the way you imagined… Tender fish nuggets coated in a light batter whose flavour mimics that of a potato bhajia. I enjoyed this to bits!

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Fish Bhajia

Poussin Wings – Kshs 450

The star here is the poussin sauce which is all types of amazing. It’s buttery, sweet & spicy – the perfect balance of flavours. The sauce generously coats the wings and together they taste great!

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Poussin Wings

Mkate Kheema – Kshs 350

Have I had better mkate kheema? Yes I have, but the offering here is still worth trying. The mkate kheema here is solid.

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Mkate Kheema

Poussin Chips – Kshs 200

Just like the poussin chicken these fries were delicious. They’re basically warus coated in the amazing sauce which I have now established would taste good even on a shoe!

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Poussin Fries

Mutton Mshikaki – Kshs 350

I was sceptical about ordering this because all my previous encounters with mshikaki end up being dry, overcooked meat that I haven’t enjoyed. The mshikaki here is far from this and is tender, smokey with a nice char.

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Mutton Mshikaki

Chicken Roll – Kshs 600

This was the most disappointing item I had. The chicken was overcooked and the wrap itself was rather dry and bland which really surprised me considering all the other tasty menu items. Don’t order this.

Manks Terrace Restaurant - Chicken Roll

Mark this restaurant as one of the go-to places you have to visit in the city.

If Manks is too far, you can have food delivered to you by calling this number 0722111455.

Manks operates from 11am – 3pm / Monday – Saturday.


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