The Manor 540 – The only thing you should order here

The Manor 540 is one of those places that consistently receives praise online particularly for their grilled fish. Visiting this restaurant became a matter of urgency because it seemed like everyone and their mother had been to the place except me! I’m happy to announce that I am now part of the bandwagon that can rave about the fish here, which is FIRE!

I won’t go on about the ambience other than its outdoors and casual – a good place to come over the weekend. The point of focus here is the fish. I often have food moments where upon first taste, I experience a kind of euphoria similar to what I imagine happens when you get a kick from drugs…. I digress, but I experienced this from the fish at Manor 540 which was exceptionally tasty.

 Nile Perch – Kshs  1,700

manor 540 fish

The Nile perch is grilled then basted with a spicy flavour packed sauce that elevates it on many levels. Perfectly grilled, the fish is flaky and moist on the inside and has a nice char on the skin. I got hints of green onion and chilli in the sauce which compliments the fish brilliantly. We ordered plantains and ugali to accompany the fish and they were a perfect pairing. I was a bit skeptical on having sweet plantains with fish but it tasted great together.

the manor 540 fish

The fish is a good portion for sharing with up to three people. I highly recommend you come to The Manor 540 and experience this fish.






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