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Marula Mercantile - An ok brunch option in Nairobi

Marula Mercantile – Casual Sunday Brunch

For most people, Sunday mornings are filled with bliss. I get to sprawl on my bed like a big slob absolutely enjoying my state of inactivity. In this moment I’m happy, relaxed and want to indulge in good things that ensure that this state is upheld most of the day. To continue this state, I decided to leave the house for brunch. On Sundays my criteria on selecting a restaurant is largely based on its ambience; don’t get me wrong food and drink are important but good feels is what I’m after the most. With this in mind, I decided to head to Marula Mercantile.

Marula Mercantile is tucked away in the leafy suburbs of Karen and is set on a veranda by a decent garden. The overall look of the restaurant is industrial and natural at the same time, with the combination of wood and steel elements featured in its decor and structure. The place has a rustic informal feel with chalk boards featuring the days specials and interesting decorational trinkets. Marulas atmosphere is very relaxed and chill, making it perfect for a chill day.

The food offered at the restaurant is diverse with dishes from all over . On weekends the restaurant has a brunch menu that consists of main dishes and small plates (check menu here.). I recommend you order the small plates, especially if you’re a group as you will get more variety and I had more success with them than the main dishes. This place left me with mixed views of the food as there were hits and misses in equal measure.

Steak and Eggs

This dish was a let down as the steak which is supposed to be the star of the dish was so tough and flavourless. The eggs were however perfectly cooked and the hash browns a good accompaniment.

Hot lightning

Potatoes, homemade bacon, apple & spiced syrup.  I instantly started drooling when is saw this on the menu and it didn’t disappoint. The sweetness from the apples and spiced syrup and the saltiness from the bacon and potatoes complemented each other perfectly. Definitely a must try!


Butternut Fritters

This by far was my favourite dish here. The fritters were soft on the inside with a crunchy exterior. The butternut was subtly sweet and meshed beautifully with the yoghurt tamarind sauce. If you are to have one thing here its these fritters.

Halloumi and Carrot Salad

The salad was under-dressed so there wasn’t much to the dish other than raw vegetables and halloumi. There’s nothing much i can say about this other than boring.

Shoe String Potatoes

Imagine eating freshly fried crisps straight from the fryer because this is exactly what it was. Perfect to snack on.

Chicken Wings

The wings were the biggest disappointment. They had too much soy sauce as a result the flavours were very misplaced.

Celery Soda

Please try this drink! It’s a well balanced homemade soda that was perfectly sweet and tart and unlike any soft drink i have had. I loved it.

Marula doesn’t leave me overly excited but I find myself coming back because it has more good than bad. Service here is efficient with the waiters knowledgeable of the menu items. The prices here are steep but standard for this kind of establishment. I would recommend Marula Mercantile for a casual weekend brunch because the setting is great for a relaxed time and they have a good variety of dishes and drinks to choose from.

Rating: 5.5/10

Location: Marula Studios, Marula Lane, Karen

*Management at the restaurant has changed so there are a few menu items that are no longer offered as indicated in this article.*


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