Matbronze Cafe

Matbronze Cafe is one of those hidden places known by a few, and by a few, I mean tour van operators who bring tourists to purchase bronze ornaments and have lunch. I found this place through a relative who was surprised just as I was that I had never heard of it! 

Matbronze is an art gallery with a café to the side that serves breakfast and lunch daily. The gallery is a nice place to peruse and see beautiful bronze art you can’t afford, so the focus here is mostly food from the café.

The food here is average, with the exception of the salads which are exceptional! Despite the food being not so special, the ambiance and general feel of the restaurant is fantastic. The restaurant is mainly outdoors on a lawn surrounded with greenery making it a great spot on a sunny day.

From sandwiches, burgers, steaks, crepes and salads the menu is made up of the same items you get at most British run cafes. Here is a rundown of the food we had.

Chicken Feta Crepes – 1,100

The crepes were ok tasting with plenty of cheese but the chicken pieces were a bit dry.

Matbronze Cafe - Feta Chicken Crepes

Salad Bar

The salad bar was my favourite thing here. There are usually six salad options ranging from roasted butternut, beetroot and feta, and butter beans that all taste great. The salads come as a side with most main course dishes and you can serve as much as you want.

Matbronze Cafe - Salad
Matbronze Cafe - Salad Bar

Vegetarian Burger – 950

This was very disappointing. The bun was burnt and the burger itself was chokingly dry with hardly any sauce on it.

Matbronze Cafe - Vegetarian Burger

Fish and Chips – 1,250

The fish was fried to perfection! It was crispy and tasted amazing accompanied by the homemade tartar sauce. A must order.

Steak and Caramelized onion Sandwich – 1,000

The steak lacked seasoning but it was tender. The sweet caramelized onions were the best part of the sandwich.


For more details visit the Matbronze website

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