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Mombasa Restaurant Series - Cafe Stavrose - A Foodies Collective

Mombasa Restaurant Series – Cafe Stavrose

The second part of the Mombasa eats series brings us to Cafe Stavrose. I wanted to try out the cafe after seeing Farhanas YouTube video mainly because of the samosas. My love for samosas is bordering on an obsession! Whats not to love about crunchy deep fried parcels filled with spicy meat? A samosa done right provides a great eating experience and I’m always on the look out for good ones.  Cafe Stavrose looked like it would deliver good Samosas making it a must visit over my trip.

Cafe Stavrose is a little café smack in the middle of Mombasa town that exudes mad retro vibes. I was immediately transported back to time the second I stepped into the café. First off, I was the only lady in the establishment. I felt like I was at a gentleman’s club especially from all the jeering stares I got from the men; if there ever was a time I felt like I didn’t belong it was then! The cafe seems to be a favourite with older men who come for meetings over a cup of tea and samosas. I found it very interesting how many people walked through the door and simply shouted “kawaida” at the waiters. This implies that not only does the place have a loyal customer base, but the waiters have super good memory because there were a lot of “kawaida” calls when I was there.

What brought me here were the samosas but I also discovered that the place also offers bhajias and kebabs. I proceeded to order all the snacks on offer much to the amazement of the waiter.

Here is a breakdown of the snacks i had.


These were good samosas but not the best I have come across. The casing was a bit thick and could have been crispier, but the meat filling was really tasty. I was a bit underwhelmed and it could be because my expectations were very high seeing that the samosas are the reason i came here.

Vegetarian Kebab

The kebab was an unexpected highlight that I thoroughly enjoyed! Its basically a mash potato kebab; sounds basic but it was so good. The mushy potato with the crunchy eggy casing were a perfect combination. A must try!

Meat Kebab

This was OK a little on the dry side but the meat was flavourful.

Mixed Bhajia 

The potato bhajias were average but the onion bhaji was something else. It was a round cushony soft ball with sweet onions incorporated into it . I loved this.

I came to Cafe Stavrose for the samosas but I ended up enjoying other snacks more. The Onion bhaji and vegetarian kebab were real winners which was a pleasant surprise. This is not to say that the samosas here are not good its just that I am a samosa connoisseur so my standards are up the roof. Cafe Stavrose is a great place to come for snacks and tea, and its conveniently located in town making it an ideal spot to meet up with people.


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