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The street food scene in Mombasa is vibrant and unrivaled to any other place in Kenya. Through the city’s street food stands, Mombasa is a town where delicious experiences are easily accessible. Whats on offer in these stands is much more than the mayai boiro, smokie or mahindi choma we get in Nairobi, which now seem so basic compared to the likes of viazi karai, mishikaki and bhajia found at the coast. Having Mombasa Street Food was a priority over this trip and my search led me to Kibokoni, which was a great experience.

Kibokoni is a hive of activity with many businesses and is part of Mombasa’s old town. There are two women who operate a stand in the afternoons and are popular for their snacks. The women are located along an ally way and have a simple operation consisting of a jiko and a deep frying pan. On offer are viazi karai, bhajias, fried chillies and samosas that are freshly fried and placed on a large tray perched on crates. Most people order take away but there’s a little bench to the side where you can enjoy your treats served on a newspaper. The snacks were fantastic especially the viazi karai that were coated and fried to perfection. All orders are accompanied with a coconut chutney and chilli sauce which went brilliantly with the fried treats.

Check out the video below and see what Mombasa street food is all about

My trip to Kibokoni was planned around the stall with the two ladies, but I found an Asian lady who also sells snacks across the road from them. It was here I was astonished by the samosas she serves up. This lady is a master in samosa making if her crusts are anything to go by, because they are a thing of beauty. I know I sound dramatic but when I find a good samosa I have to shout about it!  The casing mimicked filo pastry for its crisp and flaky qualities, and perfectly encased the meat filling.  If you want to have a samosa that’s close to perfect this is it.

The ladies who sell delicious snacks in Kibokoni are definitely worth visiting because not only are the snacks tasty but also super affordable; you will find samosas for 30 bob and 3 viazi karais  for 10 bob! This was an afternoon filled with delicious food and i highly recommend you experience this.


I cant pin point to you the exact location these ladies are located, but if you ask where salhia cargo is you will be able to find them (I know this is the vaguest description but  I gave a tuktuk guy these directions and I found them).

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