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Mombasa Restaurant Series - Mubins Cafe - A Foodies Collective

Mombasa Restaurant Series – Mubins Cafe

Over the past few weeks I have consumed a lot of content from Farhana Oberson and Mark Weins who have YouTube videos documenting their foodie escapades across Mombasa. These videos literally left me drooling and made me realize how I’ve hardly experienced the food in Mombasa. I’m one of those holiday makers who lounge on a beach bed the whole day and never leave the hotel, which is a real shame because i have missed out on so much! This was about to change when I made an impromptu trip, with the objective of eating my way through Mombasa. I barely scratched the surface because I was there for only two days, but this is a start and is part of a for part Mombasa Restaurant series.

Mombasa Restaurant - Mubins Cafe

To start off I went to a famous Mombasa restaurant called Mubins Café for dinner. Prior to visiting Mubins, I heard rave reviews of the place with many people saying it has the best mishikakis in town. Mubins is a barbecue restaurant located in in Nyali and operates from 6pm to 11pm daily. The menu consists of barbecue items like mishikakis, tikka and kebabs that are all grilled on large grills on the patio. The sights and smells of marinated meat on grills make your taste buds go on overdrive, and makes you want to order everything on the menu.

Mombasa Restaurant - Mubins Cafe

I asked the friendly owner what we should get and he recommended mkate kheema, chicken tikka and the beef and mutton mishikakis. The food here was really good!  You really can’t go wrong with grilled marinated meat and Mubins seem to have perfected this craft.

Food Overview

Mishikakis (Mutton Kshs 75  & Beef Kshs 70 each)

If there’s anything you’re coming to have at Mubins is the Mishikakis. We had the beef and mutton mishikakis which were tender little nuggets of meat that were packed with flavour. A must order!

Mombasa Restaurant  - Mubins Cafe

Mkate Kheema (Kshs 350)

I had very low expectations based on my previous experiences with mkate mayai but the mkate kheema here exceeded my expectations. The highlight has to be the nan like casing that encloses the eggy feeling which was perfectly crisp. I watched the making of the dish and was amazed how thin the nan is made. I really enjoyed this and highly recommend you get it.

Chicken Tikka (Kshs 400)

The chicken tikka here is good but I can’t say it stands out to other tikka’s I’ve had. The other two dishes stood out much to the detriment of this tikka, but you won’t be disappointed.

Mombasa Restaurant - Mubins Cafe

This is a must visit Mombasa restaurant especially If you’re looking for coast style barbecue meat. Make sure you head there early because the food often sells out.



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