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My 2018 Best Eats In Nairobi - A Foodies Collective

My 2018 Best Eats In Nairobi

2018 had its fair share of challenges but on the food front it was a good year, because  I got to experience new places like I’ve never done before. There are so many great dishes I had throughout the year, but some stood out more than others.  Here is a list of the most memorable dishes I had in 2018, from restaurants across Nairobi.

Aguachille de Camaron/Prawn Ceviche – Fonda

Succulent prawns that sit in a pool of lime juice accompanied by avocado, chilli and cucumber that perfectly mesh together.  A simple dish that delivers on flavour.

Kienyeji Wet Fry (1260) – Kaginas BuruBuru

This chicken is all types of amazing! Its tender and sits on top of a heap of sautéed onions that are sweet and add so much goodness to the chicken.

Chilli Con Carne Nachos (700) – Roco Mamas

Not only do these nachos look good but they taste amazing! The nachos at Roco Mamas are the best I’ve come across and are a must order when you’re here.

Falafel Shawarma (400) – Zucchini The Hub

I can’t get enough of these falafel shawarmas! It’s basically hot crispy falafels tucked in soft bread and topped with whatever vegetables and sauces available. The perfect healthy lunch option.

Grilled Nile Perch (1700) – Manor 540

I cant emphasize enough how good this fish is! Its grilled and basted with an awesome green spicy sauce that’s pure perfection… To make matters better the fish is huge and can be shared amongst 3 people easily.

Bacon, Cheddar, Potato and Egg Bowl (400) – Mugg and Bean Hurlingham

A breakfast box comprised of potatoes, eggs, cheese , bacon and green onions is bound to be delicious and that it is!

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake – Boho Eatery

This cheesecake is a dream! its light, fruity and literally melts in your mouth.

Soy Bean Noodles (600) – Canton Snacks

The number of noodles i consumed last year is ridiculous! The best bowl i had is the soy bean noodles whose broth stands out as more flavourful than others i have come across.

2018 best eats nairobi

Brunch Buffet (2500 ) – Pan Asian Yao

The brunch offering at Pan Asian Yao is the best valued brunch in the city. The variety is slightly smaller than other brunches but everything on offer is delicious especially the seafood!

Shapalays & Momos – Momo Love Kitchen

Momo Love Kitchen specialize in Tibetian cuisine and their shapalays and momos are fantastic. Shapalays are a Tibetian version of a calzone while momos are dumplings. Both items are filled with succulent meat and vegetables making them delicious filled parcels.

Momo love Kitchen are found on Instagram @momolovekitchen  for delivery. 

Steak Melt Sandwich (650) – I Love Nanyuki Cafe

This restaurant isn’t in Nairobi but I had to feature thus sanwich which was everything and more! The portion is huge and the meat extremely tender and flavourful with onions and green peppers. Flavourful meat topped with melty cheese sandwiched in between soft bread is a recipe for deliciousness, and it delivers.

2018 best eats nairobi

There you have it! my 2018 best eats.

Have a fantastic 2019!





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