Nairobi’s Finest Fish Fry

This spot is one of my fave eating joints in the city and I was a bit apprehensive to share it because I have great ownership over it. It’s one of those places you want to keep a secret and is only reserved for those special enough to have experienced the fish fry. But what the heck! Good things especially food need to be experienced by all and it’s with this I introduce you to Jukes Butchery & Garden Pub – a restaurant with Nairobi’s finest fish fry.

Watch the YouTube video below.

Jukes Butchery & Garden Pub is a casual Nyama Choma joint located in Mugoya Shopping Centre South C. What brings people to this place is their fish fry which often sells out. Why is the fish so delicious you might ask? Well….. It’s made fresh to order, its perfectly seasoned with salt and a mild chilli powder and it’s just the right size.

At KES 450 for a whole fish and Ugali you have to try the place out!


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