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Norfolk Brunch - A Lavish Affair - A Foodies Collective

Norfolk Brunch – A Lavish Affair

I was invited to experience Sunday Brunch at the Norfolk a couple of weeks ago and I was very excited because word is, this is the fanciest brunch in Nairobi. With a buffet that comprises of over 10 food stations, I had very high expectations especially for the price tag of Kshs 3,950 per person.

Brunch is held at the Terrace which is a spacious room filled with lovely natural light. The buffet is beautifully presented with a level of extraness. What I mean by extra is rather than just a jar of honey there is a full on honey comb for you to scrape your honey off of! With a live jazz band, waist coat wearing waiters and proper table settings, this brunch exudes the right amount of extra to make it fancy.

The volume and variety of food here is plenty with everything from Indian, seafood, pasta, and Greek. If like me you have problems with self control when it comes to eating, this buffet will definitely work against you. One of the best things about the whole experience were the chefs manning the food stations who were so helpful and eager to fill your plate –  i found this strangely heart-warming.

My favourite stations were the Greek, seafood and cheese stations.

Other than gyros, it’s not often you come across Greek food in Nairobi and this station served as a good introduction, with the Greek cheese pie being a showstopper. The seafood is served cold but you can request for it to be grilled which is what I did and it was fantastic! A special shout out to chef Joshua who upon hearing I didn’t like cold seafood, immediately offered to grill some for me. The cheese station is unrivaled and is a haven for cheese lovers. There is a good selection of cheese as well chutneys, crackers, fruit and every other accompaniment that compliments cheese. You guys know how expensive cheese is so I took full advantage of this opportunity and stuffed myself silly.

My least favourite stations were the pasta and Indian stations.

I found the Indian cuisine quite flat where it steered away from the bold flavours we expect from Indian food. When it comes to the pasta i didnt enjoy it, merely because of the sauce whose flavours i found unbalanced. Because of the wide selection of food on offer, the stations that stood out more than compensated for these two shortcomings.

The brunch also comes with a complimentary drink and on the day I was there they had vodka and cranberry and sangria. With the right amount of sweetness and fruitiness, the sangria was perfect and probably the best one i have come across.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday brunch at the Norfolk and it’s definitely the fanciest buffet brunch I’ve been to so far. When I compare this brunch to other buffet brunches, the Norfolk stands out through the lengths they’ve taken in orchestrating the whole experience. From the setting, food selection, and service, it’s evident that the smallest of details have been attended to, to ensure you have a fine experience. To sum it up this is a brunch you go to when you want to eat lavishly to your hearts content.

Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel – Harry Thuku Road


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