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Restaurants In Kampala - A Guide On Where To Eat

Restaurants In Kampala – A Guide On Where To Eat

I have been to Kampala a couple of times and food is always a highlight whenever I’m visiting. The best part about the Kampala food scene is the local food on offer, which is diverse and robust in flavour. Here is a list of restaurants in Kampala I’ve eaten at.

Shaka Zulu Foods

When we asked locals where we can get local food, Shaka Zulu was highly recommended. Shaka Zulu specializes in local food that is served buffet style. You basically choose a main dish that’s accompanied with a buffet of various sides that include, matoke, posho, potatoes, pilau and many more. We had beef in gnut sauce and chicken stew which were delicious.

Shaka Zulu Foods - Restaurants in Kampala

Holy Crepe

Holy Crepe is that joint where all the cool kids go for lunch. Perched on one of Kampalas hills, the restaurant provides great views making it a great spot to chill. The food here is expensive but worth it. I highly recommend the steak and eggs and the chicken feta wrap.

Holy Crepes - Restaurant in Kampala

Mythos Greek Taverna

I was extremely excited to visit this restaurant because I haven’t come across any Greek restaurants in Nairobi. You will find Greek classics like moussaka, gyros and skewered meats that come from a very extensive menu. I ordered the house mezze platter that had a little bit of everything and the macaroni pastisto which is a pasta and mince bake. If you’re looking for Greek food this is the place to come.

Mythos Greek Taverna - Restaurants in Kampala


Of all the restaurants in Kampala on tripadvisor, Meza got a lot of praise for their shawarmas, and i made it a mission to come and try them out. I had the beef shawarma and it was one of the best shawarmas i have ever had. A must visit.

Meze Shawarma - Restaurants in Kampala

Street Food – Rolex

Street food in Kampala is abundant with stands almost everywhere you look. The most popular street food item are rolexes which are perfect snacks to have on the go. A rolex is made up of an omelette rolled into a chapatti.


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2K Restaurant

We came here for lunch to celebrate my friends graduation from Makerere and it was packed with families. This restaurant serves local food and its a huge establishment. The portion sizes here are ginormous and the food really wholesome and tasty. If you want quick and filling local dishes this is a good option.

2K Restaurants - Beef Gnut

Café Javas

Café Javas is a bustling café with various branches located all over the city. I had a burger that was nothing exciting but the highlight for me are the drinks. The pina colada and strawberry mojito mocktails are fantastic. Café Javas is a good casual dining option for a quick bite and drink.

Cafe Javas - Restaurant in Kampala

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a restaurant lounge that has a great vibe and is the perfect place to have drinks with friends in the evening. On weekends the atmosphere is more clubby but on weekdays and early evenings you can have a meal and chill over some great music. I had the sliders and fries – the fries were exceptional!

There are many more great restaurants in Kampala than i have highlighted, but the restaurants i have listed are definitely worth trying when you’re in Kampala.

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