5 must visit Restaurants in Nairobi

Restaurants in Nairobi are many and it can be a bit overwhelming selecting where to go and eat. Here is a list of 5 must visit restaurants in Nairobi to make your decision making easier. These restaurants are definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for good food.


Hashmi hands down serves the best chicken tikka in town! The restaurant is always busy which isn’t a surprise because their tikka is to die for. Located in the new Diamond plaza wing, Hashmi is a perfect place to dine as a group. Find out more about Hashmi here


Boho Eatery

Boho eatery is a garden restaurant located in the quaint neghbourhood of karen. The restaurant has a good selection of vegan and vegetarian options which is rare in Nairobi. Find out more about Boho Eatery here

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Talisman is Nairobi’s best-reviewed restaurant and its all because they consistently serve delicious food. The menu is diverse with innovative dishes that will take you on a culinary high. Date night at talisman is a good choice. Find out more about talisman here

restaurants in nairobi. Talisman

Jukes Pub

Located in an obscure corner in mugoya shopping centre, jukks is popularly known for their fried fish. Fried fresh to order the fish arrives on your table piping hot and is always delicious. Find out more about Jukes pub here.

Canton Snacks

Its become increasingly easier to get authentic Chinese food in Nairobi. Canton Snacks specializes in Cantonese cuisine that’s characterized with dumplings, noodles and fried rice that never disappoint. Prepared by an ever-smiling Chinese auntie Canton Snacks is where you come to when you want real Chinese food. Get directions to canton snacks here

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of cuisines restaurants in Nairobi provide. Hopefully, this list helps your decision making that much easier.

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