Roco Mamas Nairobi – What You Should Order

Roco Mamas is a South African franchise whose core offering are smash burgers, wings and shakes. The restaurant launched into the Kenyan market last year and set shop at the new Village Market wing. Roco Mamas has a casual quirky vibe with walls adorned with colourful tiles. This was the first restaurant i went to at the new village market wing because of all the hype it was receiving online.

Here is a breakdown of the food at Roco Mamas.

Roco Mamas Nairobi

Roco Mamas Nairobi

Classic Cheese Burger (150g) –  550

This burger was meh! It wont leave you excited or wanting more. Here is the thing, when i think of a smash burger I imagine a thin beef patty with a crispy crust. The burgers here don’t fit this description but they’re good enough.

Roco Mamas Burger

 Cheese + Bacon Burger (150g) – 750

Save your coins and stick to the classic cheese burger because it tastes the same as this one. The only difference is the addition of bacon, which is a tiny portion that’s hardly noticeable.

Chilli Con Carne Nachos – 700

These are the best nachos i have come across in Nairobi! The nachos are topped with a savoury mince, guacamole, and sour cream that go perfectly together. I love every single thing about this dish.  A must order.

Buffalo Wings (Portion of 8) – 750

These wings aren’t good. The sauce has a nice heat to it but it’s pretty bland. Give this a miss.

Roco Mamas Nairobi - Buffalo Wings

Barbecue wings (Portion of 4) – 450

I prefer these wings much more to the buffalo wings. The sauce is OK but still a bit underwhelming.

Roco Mamas Nairobi - Barbecue Wings

Chilli Corn Carne Fries (Small) – 350

These are fantastic! From the savoury mince, creamy cheese and perfectly cut chips – these fries are delicious. If there is one thing you have to order here, its the loaded fries.

Chilli Cheese Fries (Small) – 300

I love these fries! They are spicy and cheesy – absolutely delicious. Definitely order this.

Roco Mamas Nairobi - Chilli Cheese Fries

Ribs Half – 1300

I have a bad habit of comparing every rib i have with Spur ribs, and Spur still remains undefeated. These were OK.

Roco Mamas Nairobi - Ribs

Candyliscious Freak Shake – 550

This shake is huge! If you’re looking for a creamy sugar rush this is the drink to have.

Roco Mamas Nairobi - Milkshake

For the most part Roco Mamas is a good place to come to if you want to indulge in fast food within a restaurant setting.  I highly recommend you get the loaded fries and nachos because they’re the best things on the menu.


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