Sarova Panafric – Sunday Brunch

Sarova Panafric recently launched a Sunday brunch and my experience left me pleasantly surprised!  The Panafric to me is a text book hotel with everything operating as it should be, but I always feel like the hotel lacks a je ne ses quoi to give it an edge. With a wave of trendy hotels sprouting all over the city with rooftop happy hours, I find myself forgetting about this place. My shade throwing is based off the lack of a VIBE which is very superficial and really cements myself as a millenial, who thrives on vibes LOL!  Vibes aside, I was invited for the launch of their Sunday brunch and based on my initial views of the hotel i wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary.

My expectations were immediately exceeded when I laid my eyes on the extensive spread that made up the brunch buffet. To be frank, I was expecting a continental hotel buffet with culprits such as Lyonnaise potatoes & beef stroganoff , with the highlight of the buffet being a grill with nyama choma and mishikakis. This was thankfully not the case, and I counted a total of 10 food stations that included seafood, Indian, Pan Asian and Middle Eastern just to name a few. Each station had dishes that are far from the standard flair we are used to, with most of the food being tasty.

The Brunch is set at the Flame Tree restaurant that has a beautiful dark wooden deck with outdoor sitting. There’s a fantastic band whose lead singer bellows great tunes and a playground area to keep kids occupied making this a great setting for families.

Here’s what I thought about the food…



There is a room dedicated to dessert! Imagine a room full of colourful sweet treats like cakes, tarts, mousses and chocolate covered things… It honestly is something made of dreams for sugar lovers. The dessert selection is fantastic and ill boldly state, the best ive come across in Nairobi. Not only were the treats beautifully presented but they tasted great with my favourites being the sticky toffee and bread and butter pudding.


The Indian station at this brunch is legit. From prawn masala to the paneer curry, every dish was exceptional. You often get watered down versions of food at buffets, but the rich well balanced flavours at this station were a good representation of the finest Indian cuisine.

My biggest pet peeve from this experience was the fact that most of the food was not hot enough which was irritating. With restaurants in Nairobi that specialize in Pan Asian cuisine to go against, the offering at this buffet was disappointing. I’d give this station a miss but the fact that there is a huge selection of food on offer doesn’t make this downer that big of a deal.

The Sunday Brunch at Sarova Panafric truly exceeded my expectations which left me feeling that there is more than meets the eye with Panafric. This is a fine brunch offering that has earned the hotel a position in the league of high end weekend brunch offerings in Nairobi. Despite the level playing field in this category, the edge Panafric has over other establishments is the fact that the environment here is conducive for children. Many hotels in Nairobi aren’t child friendly, and with Sunday Brunch being a family affair, you find these hotels clamouring to cater to children by setting play areas in some corner of a dining room which really isn’t optimal. With an outdoor playground area, children here can roam freely and really enjoy the organized activities.  In my opinion, The Panafric is the best brunch option in Nairobi for families looking for a good time filled with food and drink.

Buffet Only – 3,500 / Buffet and unlimited cocktails and local beers – 4,500

Children under 6 – Free / Children 6-12 years – 1,750

Location – Flame Tree Restaurant: Sarova Panafric

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