A Taste of Thailand – Som Tam Thai Restaurant

Thailand has been on my bucket list for the longest time primarily for the food! My trip to Thailand will solely revolve around eating myself silly. A few days spent having Thai curries, seafood and noodles is something foodie dreams are made of but until we realize this dream, I’ll settle with the food from Som Tam Thai – A Thai Restaurant in Nairobi.

Som Tam Thai is as close as you will get to enjoy Thai food in Nairobi! Located in Bishan Plaza along Mpaka Road, the restaurant is tucked in a dark shopping arcade – a location you would least expect to find anything decent. The restaurant is small with tightly packed tables covered in colourful plastic mats that sit under dimly lit fluorescent lights – it’s very homey.

The food here is generally really good. Here is a breakdown of the meals:

Tom Yum Gai Soup – 850

Lemongrass is the flavour that dominates this dish making it extremely fragrant! This soup will awaken your senses and leave you warm inside. I loved everything about it

Thai Restaurant Nairobi - Som Tam Thai - Tom Yum Gai

Minced Chicken with Sweet Basil and rice – 950

 The sweet basil isn’t in your face sweet but adds a subtle floral flavour to the chicken that pairs brilliantly with the rice. This dish is straightforward unlike most of the dishes here which are a web of flavours – I enjoyed it.

Thai Restaurant Nairobi - Som Tam Thai - Minced Chicken with sweet basil

Green Curry Lunch Combo – 900

I feel like a broken record describing the green curry as fragrant but it really is! The chicken sits in a creamy light coconut broth enriched with lemongrass and a host of other ingredients that make it so flavourful. Accompanied by rice, an egg, and spring roll this is a perfect lunch worth the money.

Thai Restaurant Nairobi - Som Tam Thai - Green Curry Lunch Combo

Steamed whole fish with lime – 1,000

This by far is my favourite dish here! The fish is steamed to perfection to a point where it’s flaky and juicy then it’s topped with a heap of lemon grass and garlic that swim in a pool of lime juice. The flavours of salty, sweet and sour come through brilliantly and they pack a punch! You must order this.

Thai Restaurant  Nairobi - Som Tam Thai - Steamed Fish with Lime

Papaya Salad – 650

You cant come to a Thai restaurant and not order papaya salad. Thin strips of crunchy unripe papaya with carrots and nuts swim in a well-balanced dressing. This is a different kind of salad you’re bound to enjoy.

Thai Restaurant Nairobi - Som Tam Thai - Papaya Salad

Tom Kha Gai – 850

 This soup is very similar to the tom yum in flavour only it has coconut milk. Like all of the food here it is delicious!

Thai Restaurant Nairobi - Som Tam Thai - Tom Kha Gai

If you’re looking for a Thai Restaurant in Nairobi, this is a great option. The prices are fair and the food is really good.

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