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The Best Chinese Noodles in Nairobi - A Foodies Collective

The Best Chinese Noodles in Nairobi

This has to be the most nervous I have been about a blog post because of all the current (mostly negative) sentiments regarding the Chinese in Kenya. I won’t get into politics, but let’s just say Kenya is a couple of billions deep with the Chinese and people are pissed! Creating a video all about the best Chinese Noodles in Nairobi perhaps isn’t the smartest thing to do in this climate, but when i find a good thing i have to share it with yall!

Check out the video below and see how the best Chinese noodles in Nairobi are made.

Chinese Noodle dishes have to be my greatest food discovery in the past year. I especially love noodle soups because they’re simple, nourishing and delicious! Remax Shopping Village located near Chaka place is a shopping complex with a couple of small restaurants that specialize in different varieties of noodles. The best part about the experience is witnessing the making of noodles by hand which is something I never expected to see, but when I got to witness this craft in person, I was astonished by the artistry!

Below is a list of the noodle spots within Remax Shopping Village that you should consider visiting.

Silk Noodles (Beef Noodle Soup Kes 600)

Silk noodles is probably the most popular restaurant within the complex because of their beef noodle soup. The dish is made up of noodles swimming in a clear beef broth with thinly sliced beef, garnished with chili oil, spring onions and coriander.  I love this noodle soup! All the elements to this dish complement each other brilliantly. The broth is light, the noodles the right amount of chewiness, the beef extremely tender and the garnish of onions and coriander add a crunch as well as freshness to the dish. I’d describe the dish as simple tasting and pure in flavour. Stir fried beef noodles are also available and they’re tasty, but the noodle soup is a better choice.

Chinese Noodles in Nairobi - Silk Noodles Beef Noodle Soup



Chinese Noodles In Nairobi - Stir Fried Beef Noodles

Canton Snacks (Beef Brisket Noodle Soup Kes 600)

This is a restaurant specializing in what I imagine is Cantonese food – I’m not sure because there was a bit of language barrier between myself and the owners but this didn’t take away from how friendly and kind they were (I ate here for free FYI). The beef brisket noodle soup is similar to the silk noodles offering only this one is slightly richer and has turnips. The words that come to mind when describing this soup is warm and comforting, where all the elements to the dish are perfectly balanced to warm your soul.

Chinese Noodles In Nairobi - Beef Noodle Soup


Shop Number 6  (Beef Noodle Soup Kes 700)

The beef noodle soup Is prepared in a clay pot and arrives on the table piping hot in the same pot. Taste wise, the noodle soup here is very rich with strong meaty flavours compared to the other two restaurants. My favourite bit of the dish are the beef chunks which are unbelievably tender and flavourful. This soup is meaty and rich perfect for a little pick me up!

Chinese Noodles in Nairobi - Beef Noodle Soup


Qin Xian Yuan Restaurant ( GanBan Noodles Kes 600 & Shaozi Noodles Kes 600)

This restaurant is perhaps the most diverse when it comes to the noodles it offers with approximately 5 different noodle dishes available. The Noodles here are all pork based and vary from dry to soup noodles all with different cooking techniques. I’ve had two dishes here –  the ganban and saozi noodles. The gan ban noodles are dry and cooked in a spicy sauce, topped with vegetables and pork, while the saozi noodles are soup based and more complex in flavour with ingredients like fried tofu and mushrooms included in the mix. Both dishes are fantastic and a nice alternative to the beef noodle soups.

Chinese Noodles In Nairobi - Gan Ban NoodlesChinese Noodles In Nairobi - Noodle Soup




Remax Shopping village is packed with Chinese noodle options that you’re bound to love. Food is a great avenue to understand and interact with  different cultures and my experience with the restaurant owners at these places was amazing – They were so friendly and super excited when I expressed my satisfaction of their food, which is proof that the love for food is truly universal!  I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of Chinese cuisine in Nairobi, because whats available is pretty legit.


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