The Best Korean Restaurant in Nairobi

I have been yearning for a Korean restaurant in Nairobi where I can have my fill of Korean Barbecue, Stews, and rice cakes for the longest time, and I finally found it in Ain Guest House.

Ain Guest House is located in Hurlingham down a small street that is adjacent to the Shell petrol station that has KFC. This gem is very homely and serves as a guesthouse and a restaurant, with the restaurant sitting being mostly outdoors.

The menu at Ain is simple and small with Korean classics that range from Barbecue, noodle soups, and stews. I came here with my lovely cousins who were just as excited and everyone had an agenda ordering specific dishes they have been dying to have. On my list was Barbecue, my cousin Kare was after the tteokbokki and Shiro was after the army stew. One thing to note here is there are a couple of dishes on the menu you have to order in advance as well as minimum portion sizes for some.

The food here isn’t cheap with a meal averaging Kshs 1,500. The portion sizes are fair and can be shared amongst 2 people which helps with costs. I generally really enjoyed the food at Ain Guesthouse and recommend you come here if you’re looking for a taste Korean food.

Food Rundown

Tteokbokki – Kshs 1,000

Tteokbokki are rice cakes that swim in a thick spicy and sweet sauce that taste glorious! The rice cakes are chewy and glutinous and go perfectly with the spicy sauce, which is packed with flavour. You have to order this!

Army Stew – Kshs 4,000 for two portions

This stew is overpriced for what it is but it was still enjoyed. Korean Army stew is a mush up of things that include spam, hot dogs, noodles, cabbage and cheese. All the different elements sit in a spicy sauce that brings everything together well. The stew is placed on a burner and remains bubbling hot throughout. You have to order a minimum of 2 portions for this stew and at 2,000 bob a portion it’s honestly not worth the 4,000 we spent.

Pork Belly Barbecue – Kshs 2,500

This is the best Korean barbecue you can get in Nairobi. The best part about the barbecue are the side dishes! You get around 10 small side dishes that vary from vegetables, eggs, and fish and the fun bit was discovering what each one was. We ordered the pork belly which you cook by yourself on the grill that’s placed in the middle of your table. We thoroughly enjoyed this and its perfect for groups.

If you’re looking for a Korean restaurant in Nairobi, this is your safest bet!


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