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The Nook Nairobi

The Nook – A Taste of The World

You often hear this a lot when it comes to pursuing your passions “start with what you have”. This is easier said than done especially if you feel like what you have from a materialistic stand point is close to zero. Starting with what you have I’ve come to realize does not solely revolve from the amount of money you have but largely starts with YOU as an individual. It’s all about YOU – your knowledge, your confidence, your style, your relationships etc. You need to harness these attributes that make up YOU and put them to work on getting what you want out of life. Enough of the preachy stuff but The Nook really stirred these feelings in me and here’s why….

The Nook as the name suggests is a little restaurant located in a secluded spot right next to Hurlingham shopping centre. What makes this restaurant unique is the fact that its housed in what was formerly a servants quarter. You heard that right a servant’s quarter!  Simply decorated with rustic wooden tables and a few potted plants, the place has a minimalistic feel that works well in the small space. Any traces of it being a servant’s quarter other than the structure are non existent – Instead this is a lovely trendy restaurant that has an air of exclusivity.

Through the space, its evident that not only has a lot of creativity gone to making it what it is but to me, vision and passion also come across. With the high rent prices in Nairobi, I imagine settling for this space was out of necessity and matched with a determined and visionary founder this resulted to what the nook is today; A space run by women who genuinely want to share their love for food and cooking with people. The Nook for me is a true embodiment of working with what YOU have by starting small and making the best out of what’s available to you.

Now to the food…

The food at the Nook is just as unique as the set up. The nook operates from Friday to Sunday with a menu that changes every week. Each menu revolves around a specific cuisine such as Malay, Thai or Spanish and is usually small with around three mains and a dessert.  All of my visits to the restaurant have been fantastic with the food consistently being good. Not only is the food great but it’s well priced at Kshs 500 and below.

Below is an overview of the meals ive had…

Chorizo Sandwich

A generous portion of chorizo sausage topped with cheese. Need I say more other than YUMMY!

Prawn Laksa

There were multiple flavours in the dish that complemented each other brilliantly. This bowl cost 500 which is a great deal especially since it had prawns in it.

Rendang Chicken

A very fragrant chicken curry that went great with rice.

Chicken Satay with Nasi Goreng

The sweet well balanced peanut sauce amplified the dish and complemented the chicken and rice perfectly.

Prawn and Chicken Crispy Wontons

The wrapper was perfectly crisp, the filling a bit bland but when dipped in the sweet chilli sauce everything came together well.

Passion Cupcake

A moist cake with a passion frosting that was perfect! Hands down the best cupcake I’ve had in awhile

Mango Tart

Creamy and smooth with the right amount of sweetness. I loved this tart!

If you haven’t already figured, I love this place. The food is always great and you get to have a taste of the world through the changing menu.  I really like the simplicity of the restaurant and its obvious that the love for food is what The Nook is founded on. With the meals being so well priced you really have no reason not to give this place a go.

NB: Management at The Nook has changed. With exception of the chicken satay and the prawn wontons the food listed was had under the old management.

Follow the Nook on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on their weekly menu

Location: Akamba Court –  First Green gate on your right on the road that leads to Hurlingham Shopping Centre

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