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Tin Roof Cafe - A haven for the health conscious - A Foodies Collective

Tin Roof Cafe – A haven for the health conscious

I generally have a sensitive stomach and I experience bouts of stomach issues every couple of months, which I’ve come to accept is a cry from my body telling me to stop eating crap and nourish it with vital food. Ive also come to realize how I am tamaa driven because I know my triggers but I still foolishly indulge in them. I have this YOLO mindset when it comes to food where I feel we should indulge in whatever tugs at our hearts, but sometimes I take it too far and my body gives in to my excessiveness.

I want to do better when it comes to my diet, so when deciding on a place to eat a healthy lunch Tin Roof Cafe came top of mind. Tin roof café is located at the Souk a compound that houses various artsy businesses. The café has a shabby farm house feel with uncoordinated pillow covers, milk buckets for lamp shades and metal tables that give it a homey feel. This place has an effortless and cozy air to it which prompts you to relax and just be you.

The restaurant has a breakfast and lunch menu that has all the typical items you would find at a cafe such as sandwiches, crepes, burgers and steaks. The edge to this place is the fact that they cater to health conscious individuals with vegan and gluten free options clearly indicated on their menu. What draws me each and every time is their Salad! I didn’t know I could have a salad as a meal and leave fully satisfied until I had theirs. The appeal in their salads lies in the variety and the different unique options that are far from the typical coleslaw’s and potato salads we get at most places. The salads here are BOMB! And possibly the best in Nairobi.

Despite the salads being the highlight to the meals here, they still have a lot to offer and below is an overview of the meals I’ve had.

Steak and Onion Sandwich

The meat was really tender and I’ll go as far as saying one of the most tender steak sandwiches ive had. The fried onions in the sandwich were the anchor to the sandwiches flavour and did a lot in making it flavorful. The sandwich was pretty basic but all the same good tasting.

Feta and Chicken Crepe

I really liked this crepe! There was a generous amount of chicken and feta within the crepe and the texture of the crepe itself was perfect. Again this was a simple and made well.

Ginger Snapper and Cauliflower Rice

On arriving at the table the fish was covered in baking paper like a parcel, and once opened the aromas that hit me were amazing. There was no questioning that this was ginger fish as the fish was topped with a generous amount of ginger which tasted great. The surprising highlight for me was the cauliflower rice that was flavoured with coconut milk and spring onions. Cauliflower rice can often taste bland but the addition of the coconut and spring onions elevated the flavour beautifully. The combination of the fish and cauliflower was perfect as the strong ginger flavours from the fish got mellowed out by the simple buttery cauliflower rice.  I really enjoyed this meal but the portion size of the fish was very small.

The Cauliflower rice was so good


The salads at tin roof are short of amazing. I’ve been there on two occasions and had the salads differently – the first time it was plated with my main meal and the second time there was a salad spread where you served yourself with unlimited salad. The options here are plentiful and unique and I counted nine salad dishes over my last visit. What excites me is how tin roof finds a way to make me re-imagine how great a vegetable or pulse can be for example the lentil salad. For me lentils can often times be bland and boring but in this salad, the lentils are thriving on so many levels! I can’t describe the flavors because I was taken aback but boy wasn’t this and every salad on offer delicious.

Cucumber and Apple Salad

Grilled Vegetables

Lentil Salad

Roast Pumpkin and Beetroot

When I try to sum the place up the word that comes to mind is honest. The cooking at tin roof is honest in the sense that its unadulterated with focus on freshness. The food on offer is simple and done right with my  expectations always being met. The only thing I’m not pleased about is the pricing which I find quite high (most items are over Kshs 1000) but one can argue its worth it from a nutritional stand point. I like the cafe and If you’re looking for a place that serves up healthy wholesome food, within a homey comfortable setting then this is the place for you.

Location – Dagoretti Road, Opposite the Hub Karen

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