Top 3 places for Pork in Nairobi – Pork Pit Ruaka and others

Pork seems to be all the rage these days with pork joints sprouting all over the city! From wet fry, dry fry to choma – if you love pork the options you have are continuously becoming endless. I went to Pork Pit Ruaka, Hunters Bar & Pork Centre who all have their unique take on preparing pork and here is my take on them.

Rib Rack’s Karen – Location

I’ll cut straight to the chase and declare this as my favourite pork joint! Rib Racks is located at the same place with Hunters Car Wash in Karen. If you want barbecue pork packed with flavour, Rib Racks is where it’s at! The Pork is tender and tastes so damn good largely from the barbecue sauce which is perfectly balanced in sweetness. Tender meat on the inside and a little char with smoky sweet flavours on the outside, this is honestly one of the finest barbecue pork I’ve had. The pork sausage is something you also have to order. It’s spicy, meaty and a little sweet – to put it in simply it’s exceptional! The best part is the sausage is made in house.

Hunters Bar Karen - Barbecue Pork

Hunters Bar Karen - Pork Sausage

Pork Pit Ruaka – Location
The idea for this guide stemmed from all the hype Pork Pit Ruaka received online. Pork pit is a well-run operation that’s extremely popular and it’s easy to see why – it’s clean, fairly priced and has good food that’s value for money! I had the dry & wet fry and the sweet and sour pork. The wet fry was bland but the dry fry was miles better. My favourite dish was the sweet and sour pork which was a plate of pork doused in a sweet savoury sauce with pineapples and hohos. Pork Pit Ruaka is a solid pick for your pork fix!

Pork Pit Ruaka - Sweet and Sour Pork

Pork Pit Ruaka - Pork Wet Fry

Pork Centre Uthiru – Location
This is probably the OG of pork joints in the city. Pork Centre is an unassuming place that honestly exceeded my expectations. The pork here stands out in its simplicity where it’s roasted plain and topped with a tonne of fried onions. Your order is cut before you at the table by one of the waiters adding to your choma experience. The combination of fried onions and pork is a great match that plays on sweet and savoury. You get a lot of food for your buck so definitely make a visit.

Pork Centre - Pork Choma With Onions

This was a great food adventure eating at places that are Kenyan owned! Rib Rack, Pork Pit Ruaka, and Pork Centre specialize in one thing which they deliver well and at reasonable prices. Hunters was the stand out of the three, but the other two places are definitely worth visiting.


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