Village Market Restaurants: A Guide on what to eat at the mall

Choosing a place to eat at The Village Market can be a mammoth task because the options available are endless. Village Market is considered a shopping mall but if you ask me it’s more of a big food court. With over 40 eateries specializing in different cuisines all in one place, Village Market isn’t the best place for an indecisive person. My indecision on where to eat sparked the idea for this post which will hopefully help you when it comes to navigating the eateries at the mall.

Here is a short guide highlighting my favourite eats from various restaurants at The Village Market.

Village Market Restaurants

Pomodoro – Pepperoni Pizza Slice (Kshs 350)

I love the pizzas from Pomodoro with the pepperoni pizza slice being my favourite. The pizza is heaped with sauce and cheese and topped with salty thin slices of pepperoni that sit on top of a crusty thin crust. This slice is pure perfection!

East Seoul Street Food – Kimbap (Kshs 650)

Kimbap is the Korean version of sushi rolls only they are more savoury with an assortment of fillings. The Kimbap at East Seoul is delicious and includes spinach, carrots, hotdogs, pickled radish and other things that make the roll amazing! This is a must-try.

Prime Cuts – Sushi and Salmon Set (Kshs 1,650)

Many people sleep on the sushi from Prime Cuts which is always great. Prepared at the butchery, the sushi here is consistently good and fairly priced. The salmon and tuna set is simple with the seafood taking center stage.

Local Grill – Peri Peri Prawns (Kshs 2,500)

Local Grill is primarily known for their steaks but the peri peri prawns are something to write home about! The prawns are cooked to perfection with a buttery spicy sauce. At 2,500 the price is steep but they’re worth it.

Rocomamas – Chilli Con Carne Nachos (Kshs 700)

Every bite of these nachos is bliss with varied textures and flavours coming through. Nachos topped with a savoury meat sauce, cream cheese and guacamole are bound to be a great combo which they are! The chilli con carne nachos are the best thing on the Rocomamas menu.

Off the Rocks – Oysters (Kshs 80 each)

Eating oysters is an experience everyone should have. Oysters are an acquired taste and you kind of have to work your way into liking them. I enjoy oysters when they’re doused in hot sauce and lemon juice and the ones found here are a treat!

Off the rocks oysters from village market

Tacos – (Kshs 900 for 3 Tacos)

The carnitas and sous vide chicken tacos are Ok but the real star of the tacos offered here is the Baja Style Fish which is exceptional. Battered juicy fish topped with a crunchy slaw complement each other brilliantly.

Village market restaurants

Milola – Weekday Tapas lunch offer (Kshs 1,090)

The Milola weekday lunch special includes fried potatoes drizzled with a tomato sauce and aioli, bread topped with grated tomatoes and a tapas of your choice. I chose the garlic prawns that arrive on the table with a little theatre from being flambeed, and they were decent. With the wide variety of tapas on offer, you’re bound to find something you really like. This offer is good value.

Village Market Restaurants - Milola Nairobi Tapas

Pasta Republic – Roast Chicken & Lemon Confit Ravioli with sage butter sauce (Kshs 900)

As the name suggests, pasta republic specializes in all things pasta! The roast chicken ravioli is a solid comforting dish that tastes amazing. I highly recommend you try this out.

Keventers – Salted Caramel Milkshake (Kshs 450)

The salted caramel milkshake is what you should get when you come here and that’s that!

This is a fraction of what’s available at the restaurants in Village Market. I hope you will go out and try my favourites and enjoy them as much as I do.

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