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Wasp and Sprout - A Review of their Brunch Menu

Wasp and Sprout – A great spot for brunch

Its Sunday morning, you’ve woken up feeling very rested, the sun is shining bright and at this moment you’re thinking everything is good in the world. But there’s one thing – you’re hungry and couldn’t be bothered to cook so where are you going? A situation like this calls for brunch at Wasp and Sprout.

Wasp and Sprout

Wasp and Sprout is a casual restaurant located within a small shopping centre in Loresho. On first sight, the place looks rundown, but once you go out back and walk into the restaurant, you are welcomed to a space that’s the epitome of shabby chic. From plants potted in tin cans, mismatched seat covers with kanga fabric to sisal woven lamp shades, the restaurant has an uncoordinated flair that works well.

Wasp and Sprout

I enjoy coming for brunch at Wasp and Sprout because of the ambience and the food is good.

Food Rundown

Baghdad Eggs – Kshs 990

Everything you love about breakfast is represented on this plate with, sausages, bacon, stewed peppers, hummus, eggs, and pita bread. I loved this dish because of the variety that led to each bite being different from the next. Order this.

Wasp and Sprout - Brunch

The All In American – Kshs 1090

Chicken and waffles is an American classic that plays on sweet and savoury. Individually the chicken and waffles are well executed, I just found the dish a bit dry. This meal will leave you very full.

Wasp and Sprout - Chicken & Waffles

Falafel Stack – Kshs 890

There’s a lot going on here with a giant falafel, quark, mango & avo salsa, rocket, and Jalapenos.  The falafel which should be the star of the dish was overpowered by all the other elements. To start off there is an overload of rocket stacked on top, and the dish could do without the mango salsa. Give this a miss.

Wasp and Sprout - Falafel Stack

The Jenkins – Kshs 790

Pulled pork, bacon and cheese sandwiched in between an English muffin is bound to be delicious, and it was. I really enjoyed this.

Wasp and Sprout - Jenkins Sandwich

Cheese Burger – Kshs 1090

This is one of the better burgers and fries I’ve come across in Nairobi. The patty is flavourful and is the right size (not too thick or thin) and sits in between a soft bun. A simple good burger with great fries, but I think the meal is a bit expensive for what it is.

Wasp and Sprout - Cheese Burger

Wasp and sprout is unlike any other Café you will come across in Nairobi. My only complaint would be the service which I found a bit slow otherwise the ambience is fantastic and the food consistent – a great spot for weekend brunch.


Opening Hours

Monday / Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Weekends & Public Holidays 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

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