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Where to eat along the Nyeri-Nanyuki Highway

Where to eat along the Nyeri-Nanyuki Highway

Road trips to Nanyuki for some R&R have become a favourite, especially with Nairobi folk. Along the way, there are a number of restaurants that line the road starting from Nyeri all the way to Nanyuki town. Here is a guide of restaurants to visit along the Nyeri-Nanyuki highway to make your road trips that more interesting…

Disclaimer: A few of the listed restaurants aren’t technically on the highway but they are along the main route if you’re travelling to Nanyuki from Nairobi.

Ibis Hotel – Karatina

A simple café with home-style food. It’s clean, always busy, and your best bet for decent food in Karatina.

Must-Have: The samosas! They are packed with leeks, a little heat and are always fresh.


Ibis Hotel Karatina

Brade Gate Restaurant – Marua

Brade Gate is a fast food restaurant that serves pizza, fried chicken and coffee. The place is much better than you would expect it to be so don’t dismiss it.

Must-Have: The Chicken Bacon Pizza is pretty decent with a generous amount of toppings and a nice base. You should also have the coffee which comes from their farm out back.


Brade Gate Restaurant Pizza

Mt Kenya Safari Halt Hotel – Chaka

A standard Nyama Choma joint that’s very popular! The place is clean, service is efficient, and the set up of bandas outdoors provides a lovely sitting area especially on a sunny day.

Must Have – The choma which is the best I have ever had and I’m not exaggerating. The meat is cooked to perfection –  always tender and flavourful and when accompanied with mokimo and kachumbari its pure bliss!


Mount Kenya Safari Halt Hotel

Trout Tree Restaurant

When trout tree first opened I remember the trout pizza and the creamy trout pasta fondly which were phenomenal. With their fantastic setup and their amazing food, trout tree was always a great experience. The food isn’t as good as it used to be; It’s ok but overpriced in my opinion. Why id advice you to come here is for the setting which is lovely – perched on a tree along the berguret river the restaurant is rustic and heavy with wood. Below you there numerous fish ponds and the trees surrounding the restaurant harbor Colombus monkeys that you often get to see. A great space but lower your expectations on the food.



Located within the Nanyuki airstrip, Barneys is a casual restaurant with a verandah sitting area overlooking a runway.  I must admit that Barneys is my favourite stopover along the route because the food is consistently good and It has a nice laid back vibe.

Must Have– The Feta Coriander Samosas which are parcels filled with cheesy goodness that you dip in a sweet tomato chutney. The Pizzas are also good which isn’t surprising as the owners are Italian, and the strawberry milkshake is also worth trying.


Barneys Nanyuki Feta Samosas

Little Barneys

Is direct across the main barneys. The menu is exactly the same, only difference being the location which is smaller and more intimate overlooking a garden.


little barneys nanyuki

Soames Hotel & Jacks Bar

Soames is the most beautiful restaurant you will come across the route! The main room is furnished very much like a home sitting room with colourful shelves adorned with random ornaments and white chairs. Most of the sitting is outside on a verandah which overlooks a lovely lawn and a little pond. The food here is good for the most part but quite pricey…

Must Have – The Sticky toffee pudding is glorious! Sweet, sticky and the way it’s supposed to be – each spoonful will warm your soul. The Bombay sandwich is another solid pick which is basically a cheese sandwich with a coriander-mint chutney.


Soames Hotel Sticky toffee pudding

I Love Nanyuki Café

A lovely little café located in the heart of Nanyuki town. The space is bright and airy and instantly sparks good vibes!

Must Have – I can drive all the way to Nanyuki just for this steak melt sandwich! The cheesy meat sits in between the fluffiest bread. You’re bound to enjoy this thoroughly.


I Love Nanyuki Cafe Steak Melt Sandwich

I Love Nanyuki Cafe Steak Melt Sandwich

The Coffee Shack

This has to be the quirkiest little cafe I’ve come across in Kenya. The décor is as random as it gets but surprisingly works to give the place an eclectic charm.

Must-Have: The chicken avocado wrap and the cheese burger.

The Coffee Shack Cafe Nanyuki


Kongoni Camp

Kongoni a casual dining restaurant come sports bar that’s is constantly packed with Jonnies aka British Soldiers. This is a good place to come as a family because of the pool and children’s play area. Service here, especially on a busy day, is painfully slow and the food ranges from great to average depending on what you order.

Must-Have: The Sushi which was the best thing I had at the restaurant! The Butter chicken is curry is another option –  a bit watered down but not half bad.


Kongoni camp shushi


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